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Massage Therapy

We offer Therapeutic Massage to help release muscle tension, reduce pain, increase circulation and promote feelings of well-being.

                                                  30, 60 & 90 Minute sessions available 

                                                  Please call 386-402-8997 to schedule or for more information. 

Connie Massey, LMT

Class 4 Laser Therapy

Deep tissue laser therapy increases cellular metabolism which accelerates the body's self-healing capabilities and increases healing time. This heat and red-light therapy can penetrate through soft tissue deeper than other lasers on the market, thus making it more powerful, which may contribute to enhanced outcome potential. 

Some of the concerns we regularly address with Laser Therapy include: 

Muscle Spasm & Tension



Joint Inflammation





Please call 386-402-8997 to schedule or for more information. 

Eileen Kiser, Laser Technician

Frequency Specific Microcurrent

FDA approved device to help relieve pain and heal tissues, by utilizing low levels of electrical current programed to a specific frequency. This treatment modality is similar to a tens unit (in appearance), but far more powerful in its approach to facilitating healing on a cellular level. 

We utilize the HOWE RT Microcurrent Sport Rehab Unit which offers treatment modalities for over 90 different conditions. For more information, please visit 

Session lengths vary by treatment program. Please call us to schedule or learn more about which conditions may be helped with this treatment modality. 

Lab & Supplement Review

Schedule a consultation to review any of your routine lab results for an interpretation from a functional perspective. This is almost like a "fine-tuning" approach to your labwork. Many lab reference ranges are especially broad, which often looks at a pathology (diseased-state) approach, whereas a functional approach looks at a very narrow reference range, which can provide more information about how the body is functioning and the direction it may be heading. 

Schedule a consultation to either review your current supplement regimen, to learn if any changes could enhance or improve your outcome from taking them or to have a customized supplement protocol created for you based on your specific needs. 

Consultations are scheduled with Dr. Wendy. Please call for pricing and to schedule. 

Functional Lab Testing

Many Functional Tests exist to uncover and discover more about toxins and deficiencies within the body. These tests can provide more details than routine blood work, which can lead us to a more targeted health approach.


Some of the testing available include:

Complete Thyroid Panel

Adrenal Stress (Cycling Cortisol)

GI Mapping

Heavy Metals

IgG Food Sensitivities 

Vitamin & Nutrient Deficiencies 

Cranial Balancing

A hands-on therapy to relieve muscle tension and restriction between the head, neck, shoulders, face and jaw. In addition, a gentle assessment of cranial bones and cranial suture alignment is assessed and corrected when necessary. This treatment aims to remove any distortions that may be contributing to pain, tension or dysfunction. 

Treatment may be helpful with:

TMJ Disorders

Headaches & Migraines

Sinus Pressure 

Traumatic Brain Injuries 



& More 

Intuitive Energy Healing

Energy Medicine is quickly becoming a popular healing modality. Many are beginning to understand that the  physical pain we experience can often stem from an emotion stored within our body. Intuitive Energy Healing provides an opportunity for the practitioner to work with your "Higher Self" (or subconscious) to track and release that stored emotion. 


30 minute to 1 hour sessions available with Dr. Wendy

Private & group Sound Healing sessions also available 

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