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 Pregnancy & Pediatrics 

Kids Chiropractor in New Smyrna Beach
Babies getting adjusted in New Smyrna Beach. Chiropractic care

                 Chiropractic Pediatrics provides a safe and                    natural approach to your child's health and                  wellbeing. By focusing on proper alignment and enhancing function of the spine and nervous system, regular Chiropractic adjustments can help babies & children have the best chance to grow up healthy and strong. Adjustments performed on children are very gentle, light touch, with no

force... to ensure absolutely no harm is done.


Dr. Wendy has received many hours of Pediatric continuing education through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and has been caring for pregnant moms, newborns, babies & kids since 2009, with excellent results. In addition, she's been caring for her own boys since birth. 


Chiropractic care during pregnancy New Smyrna Beach

Chiropractic for Expecting Moms

More and more moms are receiving Chiropractic care during pregnancy, to help relieve aches and pains as their body changes, to help ease labor & delivery time and effort, to ensure proper position for baby's development in utero, to help assist in turning a breech presentation, to stay healthy and keep motion in their body and so much more. Chiropractic is safe and effective through all the stages of pre-conception, pregnancy and post-partum. 

Dr. Wendy is trained in the Webster Technique, which is a highly successful method of relieving intra-uterine constraint, to help assist your baby to return to proper position for delivery. 

Chiropractic care is beneficial from pre-conception through post-partum.
From newborn through adulthood.
Here are a few reasons why... 


May help balance hormones 

Reduces stress & promotes feelings of relaxation

Enhances nervous system function

Relieves pain and other symptoms

Improves joint mobility

May help reduce delivery time

Reduces post-partum recovery time

Corrects misalignments from a traumatic delivery

Helps promote more efficient & easeful breastfeeding

Reduces colic & digestive issues

Promotes restful sleep 

Boosts the immune system

Relief from torticollis (spasms in the neck muscles)

Often helps decrease ear infections 

Improves posture during growth & development

Corrects sports injuries & speeds recovery time 

Helps with focus, attention & mood

Promotes a healthy lifestyle for the whole family

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