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Finding the Underlying Cause is our Primary Concern at Be Well

At Be Well, identifying and treating the underlying cause or causes of dysfunction is our primary concern. Unfortunately, our current health care system only addresses the tip of the iceberg and treatment rarely leads to long-term relief and vibrancy. The doctors at Be Well are able to address the cause by using Scientific Principles, Advanced Diagnostic Testing and Treatments rather than drugs or surgery. Chiropractic and Functional Medicine principals work well together, they are both concerned with restoring balance in the body’s primary physiological processes. Our goal: To Provide Lifetime Family Wellness Services so that our Community Members can experience optimal health!

Today’s health care system is in trouble; it applies a medical management model that works well for acute health problems but when it comes to chronic health problems like the ones in the picture above, it is much less successful. If you have a heart attack, accident or sudden lung infection such as pneumonia, you certainly want a quick-thinking doctor to use all the quick-acting resources of modern medicine, such as life-saving technology, surgery and antibiotics. We are all grateful about such interventions. However, jumping in with drugs, surgery and other acute care treatments too often does not succeed in helping those with chronic, debilitating ailments, such as diabetes, heart disease or arthritis. The Be Well approach involves two scientifically grounded principles:

  • 1. Remove any interference that impedes the body from moving toward an optimal state of physiology.
  • 2. Add what’s lacking in the body to nudge its physiology back to a state of optimal functioning.

Simply put, your body naturally wants to be healthy; give it what it needs to express optimal health and get out of its way. You Can Reclaim Your Health and you can Start Today!