"Let food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be food." - Hippocrates

   In regard to nutrition, we must ask ourselves one important question:

What are the human dietary requirements in terms of our genetic cell function?
Chestnut, J. D.C. The Wellness Practice™, The Innate Diet™ and Natural Hygiene, 2004)

   The "Be Well Diet" is our answer to this important question. We have developed a diet based on the    nutritional principles of our hunter/gatherer ancestors. We incorporate the major premises of the Paleolithic    diet and apply them to our modern day society, so that they can be easily implemented into your life. Our
   plan is a four-step process, in which you begin slowly and add to your current diet, before taking away.

The "Be Well Diet"

Research shows the
overwehlming need for humans
to return to ther Patheolithic roots
by incorporating the "Be Well Diet" into their daily lives. Click the link below to learn why.

Omega-3 Essentials

Most foods available today
contain far more Omega 6
fatty acids than Omega 3's,
which are essential to
cellular health. Click the link
below to learn more.

Probiotic Bacteria

Probiotic bacteria play a large
role in processing the foods we
eat. Healthy bacteria are critical
for wellness and prevention.
Click the link below to learn
more about this process.

Metabolic Balance

The entire metabolic process depends on maintaining a proper
Acid-Base Balance. Does your
diet meet the requirements for
proper cell function? Click the
link below to find out.